Construction Update Week #4

When David Ireland began removing layers of wallpaper from the interior of 500 Capp Street, he revealed the home's history, including some of its quirks. The same is true as we continue to excavate underneath the house this week. These quirks have led our team to be very thoughtful about how to proceed with the placement of some of the structural supports below the house. It has also inspired us at the 500 Capp Street Foundation to revisit the origins of the home

Construction Update Week #3
Excavation of the basement continued this week at 500 Capp Street. The work continues to be painstaking, with the crews carefully working around the edges of the house revealing the original brick and mortar foundation. Upon completion of this phase of excavation, structural steel will be put in place next week to shore up the house.
Construction Update Week #2

As an earthquake rolled through the Bay Area early on Sunday morning, it seemed like an oddly fitting start to the work week as our crew focuses on putting in the new foundation at 500 Capp Street to protect it from future earthquakes.

Construction Update Week #1

Six years of evaluating and planning have finally turned to action this week as the 500 Capp Street Foundation embarked on the first construction phase at 500 Capp Street, and the dramatic difference to the exterior is already visible!

Restoration to Commence On 500 Capp
An intensive conservation and construction effort will begin August 12th by a team assembled by the 500 Capp Street Foundation. When 500 Capp Street reopens it will become the latest arts organization to join the culturally dense Mission District. 500 Capp Street will provide the Bay Area community not only with public access to the house, but also a study center and archive for Ireland’s works, as well as an artist-in-residency program.
500 Capp Street Gets A New Look!

500 Capp Street is getting an updated look using lead free paint. The first step of priming the house is complete, and we look forward to working with our team to restore it to its original color. During this conservation effort, 500 Capp Street will be...