Construction Update Week #25
Last week we profiled our conservation team from ARG Conservation Services. They have done an amazing job preserving the interior and exterior of the original house. However, when it comes to the new elements being brought to the property, the 500 Capp Street Foundation is working with Jensen Architects. Jensen Architects are passionate about creating buildings
Construction Update Week #24

With construction moving forward at a steady pace, we find ourselves preparing and planning the third (and final) stage of the project: the restoration of the interior. The restoration of the delicate interior of 500 Capp Street requires a specialized team of consultants with an...

Construction Update Week #22
It has been close to 40 years since David Ireland purchased 500 Capp Street. While the surrounding area of the Mission District has been rapidly evolving into the diverse neighborhood we know today, the house has remained embedded with the history of its previous owners.
Construction Update Week #21
The Foundation and members ofour team have started 2015 with a sense of excitement as we prepare to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of David Ireland purchasing 500 Capp Street and the count down to its reopening to the public is underway.
Construction Update Week #20
2015 marks several major milestones for 500 Capp Street. Not only will the Foundation be completing the restoration of the home, but it also marks the 40th anniversary of David Ireland purchasing the home. In 1975 Ireland paid $25,000 for the home located on the corner of  20th and Capp Street. At the time Ireland was not looking to create the masterpiece
Construction Update Week #19
The holiday season is at its peak!  It is a time when things slow down and we have the opportunity to take in the beauty around us. This was a key element of David Ireland’s art: the ability to see the inherent beauty of the imperfections in the world around us. As Ireland stated on numerous occasions, “Art simply occurs in the process of living your life”.