Abby Chen

Abby Chen is the Senior Associate Curator and Head of Contemporary Art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Prior to taking on this position in 2019, she served for over a decade as the Curator and Artistic Director at the Chinese Culture Center and Foundation of San Francisco. Under her leadership, the Community-based organization was transformed into an open and process-driven platform for contemporary art. Multiple initiatives were established during her tenure, including Xian Rui/Fresharp Artist Excellence Series since 2008, the first of its kind in the country supporting mid-career artists of Chinese descent in America. In 2010, she organized Gender Identity Symposium, a multi-city forum in Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, followed by the 2011 international exhibition WOMEN我們 on feminism, gender equality and social engagement in China. A long-time advocate on artists’ autonomy and telling untold stories, her focus on bringing art from and into marginalized communities broke barriers imposed on ethnic institutions and neighborhood. Her most recent projects that are currently on view at Asian Art Museum highlight both American artist from the bay area, such as installing large murals viewable from outside of the museum by Jas Charanjiva (Don’t Mess With Me, 2020), Chanel Miller (I was, I am, I will be, 2020), Jenifer Wofford (Pattern Recognition, 2020), as well as introducing artwork of international artists Jayashree Chakravarty and Lam Tung Pang in Asian Art Museum’s collection.