Diego Villalobos


Diego Villalobos is a curator from Cuernavaca, Mexico, who currently lives and works in San Francisco, CA. Since 2016, he has worked as Curator at The 500 Capp Street Foundation where, along with the Head Curator, Bob Linder, he oversees the exhibitions and public programs for The David Ireland House and The Garage. Recent co-curated exhibitions at The David Ireland House and The Garage include, School of Chairs, with Forrest Bess, Jason Dodge, Rodney Graham, Jo Hanson, Los Jaichackers, K.r.m. Mooney, Feminist Land Art Retreat, and Anicka Yi; Michael E. Smith, and Workroom with Nayland Blake. In 2016, he co-founded odium fati with Benjamin Ashlock; recent co-curated exhibitions include,LĂ©onie Guyer, Anja Weiser Flower, and Gracia by McIntyre Parker.