The David Ireland House at 500 Capp Street in San Francisco is pleased to present, Sittings, David Wilson’s solo exhibition developed over 4 months of residency.

May 1 – July 31, 2021

Three mornings a week, Bay Area artist David Wilson climbs a hidden ladder through the attic of The David Ireland House to the roof where he perches on the steep peak to draw the same westward view of the surrounding neighborhood. Wilson, who creates observational drawings based on direct experiences with landscape and orchestrates site-based gatherings, is The David Ireland House’s first long term artist-in-residence. Given free rein to investigate the House on his own as it remained closed due to the pandemic, Wilson was immediately drawn to the roof. For Wilson, it is a place to contemplate the vacillation between the interior and exterior, a way to heighten his sense of where he is, and a means of situating artist David Ireland’s historic home turned work of art within the neighborhood.

The results of Wilson’s 4-month exploration of the House, its archive, and the streets around it will be on display. The free exhibition encompasses an installation of his work within the rooms of the House, often in conversation with objects of interest from the Ireland archive, and the transformation of the House’s garage into a street-accessible space where visitors can pick up maps to sites of neighborhood intervention where they are invited to sit, discover small artist-created offerings, and leave their own mark on the project.

Taking inspiration from Anna Halprin’s concept of a score, and a David Ireland Print, A Variation on 79, Side to Side Passes of a Dumball, Dedicated to the Memory of John Cage, [1912-1992], 1993, Wilson creates a “score for walking.” The artist orchestrates a feeling that one has “arrived” at something, thinking about simple concepts (like a walk) – yet having taken away an onomatopoeia of an experience. In the exhibition, the artist explores unique points of arrivals generated in the process of creating a score.

Additional Exhibition Information

David Wilson also gestures towards ephemeral public interventions around the neighborhood in which he points us to three immersive ‘Sitting’ nooks. In them are hidden offerings, recordings by poets and musicians, that serve as an invitation and a means of creative connection. You can drop by our Garage any time during open hours and pick up free artist-created maps to the sites. Visitors can use their maps for a self guided outing and sitting at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Each Saturday, new recordings will be dropped into the various spots, so there’s always something new to experience. Delaplane Gallery kicks off the exhibition with a curated poetry series. Check our website for the schedule of releases, and stay tuned to this space for updates on live happenings in our Instagram stories.

The public installation sites will feature recordings of artists, musicians and writer/poets Prasant Radhakrishnan, Ship (Frank Lyon, David Wilson), Larry Rinder and Colter Jacobsen, Peekaboo, Zero Charisma, DJ Sin Amores, Maggi Payne, Sophia Shen, Mariposas Del Alma. One site will host a recorded poetry series curated by Cole Solinger and Sophie Appel of Delaplane Gallery featuring Tongo Eisen-Martin, Gin Hart, Trisha Low, James Cagney, Todd Blair + Creative Growth Poets, and Norma Cole. Every Saturday throughout the exhibition, a new recording will be released at alternating sites and will remain installed and visitable until the next recording replaces it.  See the below schedule to find the upcoming release days when new recordings can first be visited. We will be sharing updates on when new recordings are happening and being released on instagram (@500cappstreet), so stay tuned.

Release Dates of Music and Poetry Recordings at the ephemeral outdoor installation sites

May 1, Site 1 Ship (Frank Lyon and David Wilson), Site 2 Prasant Radhakrishnan  (carnatic saxophone performance), Site 3 Tongo Eisen-Martin (poet, Curated by Delaplane)

May 8, Site 1 Larry Rinder and Colter Jacobsen (songs)

May 15, Site 3 Gin Hart (poet, Curated by Delaplane)

May 22, Site 2 Peekaboo (cellist)

May 29, Site 3 Trisha Low (poet, Curated by Delaplane)

June 5, Site 1 Zero Charisma (song writer)

June 12, Site 3 James Cagney (poet, Curated by Delaplane)

June 19, Site 1 Maggi Payne (experimental music pioneer)

June 26, Site 3 Todd Blair + Creative Growth Poets (Curated by Delaplane)

July 3, Site 1 DJ Sin Amores (Crystal Mendoza, Chulita Vinyl Club Cumbia DJ)

July 10, Site 3 Norma Cole (poet, SF poetry queen, Curated by Delaplane)

July 17, Site 1 Sophia Shen (pipa player, traditional chinese folk songs and contemporary music improvisation)

TBD, Mariposas Del Alma (three sisters from Oakland singing cumbia with accordion)

About David Wilson 

David Wilson creates observational drawings based on direct experiences with landscape and orchestrates site-based gatherings that draw together a wide net of artists, performers, filmmakers, chefs, and artisans into collaborative relationships. He organized the experimental exhibition The Possible at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) and received the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) 2012 SECA Art Award. He has exhibited his work with SFMOMA, was included in the 2010 CA Biennial, and presented a Matrix solo exhibition at BAMPFA. Wilson has received grants from The Andy Warhol Foundation, Southern Exposure, The Center for Craft and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation. He is based in Oakland, CA.

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This exhibition would not have been possible without the support of the artists, colleagues and organizations working with us to make this project possible. The artist thanks the David Ireland 500 Capp Street team of Artist Guides, Sophie Appel & Cole Slinger (Delaplane), Matt Katsaros, Rob Wilson, Charlene Tan, Victoria Shen, Paco Prieto, Dan Ake, Guillermo Vasquez of Indigenous Permaculture, Marie Martaire and Joe Melamed of Kadist, Amy Berk of City Studios, Megan Wilson of Clarion Alley Mural Projects, Creative Growth, England Hidalgo, Tim Berry, Drew Bennett, Raphael Villet, Andrew Berg, Kate Sweeney, Henry Dune Wilson, Salvador Cosmo Wilson, Hannah Barr-Dichiara, Alyce Barr, Joe Dichiara.