Artist Talk

Margaret Tedesco: Punctuation from the Archive
Thursday, December 15, 2016

How does an archive begin—is it an active decision to become a keeper of collective memory?

Since the 1980’s artist and curator Margaret Tedesco has been developing an extensive archive of ephemera, zines, books, works on paper and objects, with particular interest in poetry, performance and queer phenomenology.

Upon walking into Tedesco’s apartment in 1995 the late artist Ann Chamberlain simply panned the living room that contained her archive and said: “These stacks seem to be well-massaged.”

For her presentation, Punctuation from the Archive, Tedesco highlights a history of performance, as well as ephemera and objects from her collection and discussed her relationship to the archive as collaborator.

The best way to observe my archive: tripping down the rabbit hole, no focus, losing attention.

The archive plays itself.