Public Education Program

500 Capp Street periodically offers artist-driven workshops for adults across the Bay Area. Led by artists in residence and visiting teaching artists, participation in workshops help those who may not view themselves as “artists” to realize David Ireland’s adage that, “You don’t make art by making art.”  Workshops for adults (as well as youth) are hands-on experiences, introducing concepts in accessible terms. The dynamics of our workshops enable participants to see, create, and experience ideas, interpretation, and performance which opens them up to the view that perhaps they already are and can be conceptual and experimental artists. As a result, participants will take away new tools and skills, ways to create and express themselves, and an invitation to see objects in a different way.

In keeping with the artist-driven curriculum development of the youth education program, the adult education program encourages teaching artists and artists in residence to offer workshops that speak to their own skills and interests as they relate to the history of Bay Area conceptual art and the works and philosophies of David Ireland. 

For more information about public education at 500 Capp Street, contact or sign up for the mailing list to be notified of upcoming workshop offerings.