Construction Update Week #8

A common question the 500 Capp Street Foundation receives is: “What are your long term plans for conservation on the house?” This is a complicated question for any organization that cares for modern and contemporary art where the artist did not outline a specific plan for the estate. While the Directors of the 500 Capp Street Foundation will be handling all conservation needs on a case by case basis, the need to create optimal conditions within 500 Capp Street, without compromising the aesthetics of the home, is vital. With the windows being reinstalled at 500 Capp Street, and with key elements of the new foundation coming into place, the timing was right to meet with our team about what we can do to help create “museum-like” conditions within the house.


Due to the nature of the space, there will always be challenges in creating the optimal levels of temperature, humidity, and light. There are, however, some measures we can take to help protect not only the pieces of art inside the home, but also the condition of the plaster and varnish on the walls and ceilings. For example, weather stripping was installed along with the windows this week. This will create a better barrier to control climate within the home, and are hidden so that the aesthetics are not impacted. Other improvements like a new heating system, updated drainage system, and the restoration of the curtains will all help us control temperature, humidity, and light within the space. We look forward to keeping you updated as we work with our incredible team of conservation consultants.