Green or Otherwise: Care, Color, and Ceilings

Justin R. Nagle
Wednesday, February 17, 5pm PST

In this first performance lecture, Green or Otherwise: Care, Color, and Ceilings, Justin R. Nagle will delve into David Ireland’s use of the color “Institutional Green” and discuss it in relation to his treatment of the ceilings within 500 Capp Street to better understand care through the metaphor of concealment. The lecture will be followed by a short, guided meditation, using a ceiling in the House as the focal point, to give pause and further contemplation on the often overlooked space above our heads.

This spring, The David Ireland House at 500 Capp Street expands on the Bay Area Conceptual Art movement with Opening The Cabinet, a cross-disciplinary lecture series self-organized by our Artist Guides.

Justin R. Nagle (He/They) is a fiber artist and critical writer living and working in San Francisco, CA. Nagle has procured a BFA in Fine Arts and a BA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and recently completed an MFA in Fine Arts and MA in Visual and Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts. Nagle self publishes writings and ephemera under the moniker Sad Fag Publications and currently works as an Artist Guide at The David Ireland House where they co-edit The Cabinet.

Image credit: David Ireland’s bedroom ceiling, The David Ireland House (2020). Photo by Justin R. Nagle.