YOUTH EDUCATION: Artivate – Our Food, My Work, Our Land/Recipes of Resilience

Artivate is an education program led by City Studio artists/educators Amy Berk, Chris Treggiari with summer guest artists Oscar Lopez, Annie Albagli, Cheryl Meeker. Programs are held at 215 Haight Street in San Francisco and at the David Ireland House at 500 Capp Street and at other locations.

This summer 500 Capp Street’s education program led by City Studio is participating in a project with renowned muralist Oscar Lopez and his investigation of food justice in the project Artivate – Your Food, My Work, Our Land; with artist Oscar Lopez in support of California farmworkers.  10 youth artists will be making prints inspired by his incredible project and working both in the studio and hopefully in the field to meet actual farmworkers and teens who are affiliated with farm work.

The youth education program will also be exploring the work of the conceptual artist David Ireland at 500 Capp Street and engaging with artists in residence at that venue including artist Annie Albagli whose multimedia work explores personal and environmental narratives inextricably bound together by different forms of power, including the government, military, and industry. In the end, they will produce imaginary narratives that tap into biology, geography and personal histories. Interns will also participate in a dinner salon featuring the Recipes of Resilience David Ireland Project.