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What an amazing night of sound, performance and BONES!

BONES – 20th Street Corridor Crawl

February 2012

500 Capp Street Foundation and friends hosted a night of art, music, food, and drink, in the secret (and not so secret) places of the Mission’s 20th Street Corridor. A special sensory experience in the home of David Ireland was presented.

The 500 Capp Street Foundation would like to thank the following people for volunteering their time to make it an amazing experience for all:

The Man With The Bone: Nick Childress

Lighting the Chandelier: Amy Trachtenberg

Reading the Phone Books:
Elizabeth Jones
Quintessa Matranga
Natasha Matteson
Smith Smith

Playing the Herring Cans: Andrew Sheets

In the Accordion Shop: Rachel Toups

Creators of the Bone Ramen:
Jerome Waag of Chez Panisse
Jerry “JJ” Jaksich

Manning the Bone Ladle: David Wilson

Serving the Bones:
Jessica Baldwin
Clement Roux

Photography: Marion Gray

The other participants: Meatpaper/Rebar, Kadist Foundation, The Thing Quarterly, Salumeria, and Southern Exposure

And, Last, but not LEAST: Rebecca Goldfarb

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