Happy Birthday David Ireland & Mr. Gordon!

This week at 500 Capp Street we are celebrating not only one, but two birthdays; David Ireland’s birthday on August 25th and Mr. Gordon’s birthday on August 30th.

Mr. Gordon was, a boarder that Ireland inherited when he purchased the house at 500 Capp Street. Mr. Gordon lived with David for a few weeks until he convinced him to move into a home where he could be assisted. Mr. Gordon and David developed and maintained a relationship even after he moved out of the house. In 1979 Ireland threw Mr. Gordon his 95th birthday party at the house and invited many friends to celebrate with him. When it was time to cut the cake, David handed Mr. Gordon the first slice and he refused it. David then placed this slice of cake in a jar, sealed it, attached a picture of Mr. Gordon to it and kept it in his home. This jar is still a part of our collection today.

David’s purchase of the house at 500 Capp Street placed Mr. Gordon in his life and this week we toast to both of them. Happy Birthday David and Mr. Gordon!