Photo by Christian Casillas

Twilight Tour of Below the lighthouse is the darkest part of night

Wednesday, February 16th 2021 5:30pm


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A rare opportunity to see The House at this special time of day to view the last days of the exhibition of the work of New York-based artist duo Zakkubalan, featuring their 2017 collaboration with composer Ryuichi Sakamoto async – volume – and new work created in conversation with The David Ireland House

The David Ireland House changes not just from exhibit to exhibit, but also with the natural lighting that enters the windows. Come and experience the changes twilight brings, and view the works of David Ireland and artist duo Zakkubalan’s exhibition Below the lighthouse is the darkest part of night. As the sun sets, Zakkubalan’s multimedia film works installed throughout the House brighten the warm, amber glow of the polyurethane walls. From the exhibit’s namesake projection on the multilayered silk curtain in the Accordion Room to the displays broadcasting the video works of the duo’s 2017 work -async-, Zakkubalan’s work has revolutionized the way we at the House experience the environment curated by the late Ireland himself.

This is a rare opportunity to experience Zakkubalan’s collaboration with The David Ireland House in a beautiful, nighttime setting before the exhibition ends on February 19th. Tickets are available for $25

Photo by Christian Casillas