Construction Update Week #16

Mother Nature is finally delivering what is so badly needed here…rain! And lots of it! Our crews have been working through the storms over the past week to make sure the project stays on track. On Wednesday, passers-by got to peak at the work being done as we removed some of the siding on 20th street to carefully take out the bricks along that edge. We then covered the hole with treated wood and plastic to protect from the elements. The wood and plastic will soon be replaced with a new concrete foundation.

Construction at 500 Capp Street has entered into a cycle as our crews alternate between excavation, pouring of concrete footings, and shotcreting the walls, working in segments starting from the front of the house and working back. During this phase, the underside of the house is made up of the original brick foundation and carved dirt walls mixed with fresh slabs of concrete. While this contrast may sound like a jarring visual experience, it actually feels quite fitting seeing two of the elements David Ireland used the most standing side by side: dirt and concrete. This cycle will continue until the new foundation is completed in several weeks.