Construction Update Week #24

With construction moving forward at a steady pace, we find ourselves preparing and planning the third (and final) stage of the project: the restoration of the interior. The restoration of the delicate interior of 500 Capp Street requires a specialized team of consultants with an expertise in not only the treatment of historic buildings, but also large-scale works of art. With these requirements in mind, the Foundation has engaged the services of ARG Conservation Services (ARG/CS).

Without knowing it, you are probably very familiar with ARG’s conservation work. Their work includes the mural at Coit Tower, the Conservatory of Flowers, the Flood Building, the Monterey Diocese’s California Missions, Alcatraz and many more California landmarks.

ARG/CS started work on 500 Capp Street in April 2014 for the first phase of the construction. Over the course of four months their team of conservators were able to prepare the house for construction, including stabilizing plaster and the restoration of all windows and the front door.  The final phase of the project will commence in June 2015, with ARG/CS coming back to the house to restore surfaces to the condition they were when David first opened the for viewing in 1978.

Over the past thirty years the walls and floors have suffered wear and tear from use as David’s residence and the effects of sun exposure resulting in the dulling of the reflective quality that Ireland created. They are in need of restoration to bring David Ireland’s masterpiece that is 500 Capp Street back to its historic and aesthetic peak. Our conservation team will be restoring the high gloss polyurethane finish on walls, ceilings, wood work, stabilizing the unvarnished plaster, stabilizing and restoring the gold leaf lettering on the windows and assisting the Foundation in creating a long term and sustainable conservation plan. Upon completion, visitors to the house will be able to experience it as intended by David Ireland.