Construction Update Week #17

The Bay Area and Northern California experienced an intense storm Thursday, with hurricane-force winds up to 78 mph in some areas and largeportions of the city facing power outages. While the rain is desperately needed, such mega storms are capable of damaging properties. Many homes and businesses in the area experienced flooding. Luckily, 500 Capp Street’s track record of surviving natural disasters remains intact. The house suffered no damage, and even our construction site remained dry. After surviving such catastrophic events as the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes, a little rain does not seem too bad.

While most construction sites in the area were closed due to the conditions, the work at 500 Capp Street continues on schedule – rain or shine! The excavated basement area remained perfectly dry during the down pour yesterday, allowing our crews to keep on schedule and pour additional footings and begin toshot-crete the walls. Thanks to their preparation and determination to work through these conditions we continue to be on track for our opening in early 2016