Construction Update Week #34

Much of the construction at 500 Capp Street has been hidden from public view, but this will change in the coming weeks. With the plumbing and cement pour in the basement complete, our team is now beginning work on the new garage/exhibition/studio space. Additionally, work on the exterior restoration will begin at the end of this month. After 30 months of white primer paint, 500 Capp Street will be restored to its iconic battleship gray color.

While the construction and restoration of 500 Capp Street is currently the primary focus of the Foundation, our activities also occur apart from the home. On top of managing 500 Capp Street, we also oversee a large and diverse collection of David Ireland’s artwork. This collection is helping to bring David Ireland’s work beyond the walls of his home as we look to collaborate with various institutions and curators. It is encouraging to see just how much interest there is in Ireland’s work, from the local to the international. But when thinking about loaning works, some interesting issues come into focus.

In addition to the many fascinating, charming, and witty site-specific installations and experiences Ireland built within 500 Capp Street, Ireland also created a large body of work intended for a more traditional gallery setting, including pieces influenced or relating to his house. While some works are clearly independent art objects not reliant on the physical setting of the house, the intention of others is less clear. It is a challenging question: Do these pieces translate in a context outside of the home or are they specific to the site? The answers are complex and countless, and we are excited to experiment with them.