Construction Update Week #7

You may notice something different about the exterior of 500 Capp Street next week…

The windows are being re-installed at 500 Capp Street next week after fourteen weeks of restoration. During this time the upstairs parlor, with the windows David Ireland so meticulously cared for, has been dark. Light is a component of all works of art, but none more so than the saffron walls of 500 Capp Street. The varnish on the walls allows for a continual shift in color and atmosphere throughout the day. From the bright yellow hues that bounce off the walls with the first morning light, to the reflections of the red car lights of passing traffic in the evening, the walls come to life as they interact with light.

Since there removal in late June, the windows of 500 Capp Street have been in the care of our conservation team. With the addition of weather-stripping and the repair of cracks, the aesthetic quality of the rooms will be maintained and the ability to control the internal atmosphere of the house (temperature, humidity) will be greatly improved. Creating museum conditions at 500 Capp Street is a difficult problem. The Foundation will be meeting with our team next week to discuss this issue more specifically, and we look forward to sharing with the details with you in our next update.