Giving Tuesday

Our staff of artists contributes to your experiences at 500 Capp Street every time they come to work. On this Giving Tuesday, we are turning to our community for your support.

2022 was a year of growth and development for 500 Capp Street and all working here. We welcomed over 2,200 visitors through free and low-cost admission to our artist-driven exhibitions, programs, and educational workshops, hosted our first-ever Benefit Auction Party, and continued work on dynamic and diversified programming, and growing accessibility to the archive and collection.

Hear from our staff of artists on what inspires them and why their work at 500 Capp Street matters. Join us in building support for 2023 by donating!

My experience at 500 Capp Street has been a beautiful introduction to the art world. It’s my first job relating to galleries or working with artists in any way, so it’s enlightening in that way

– Audrey Herrera, Intern

One of the biggest things I have learned is that it requires a supportive community to make the impossible possible, and that every spoke is vital to make the wheel turn. As an artist, I have shifted my approach to materials and have loosened my grip and have become more playful and experimental within the space of my studio. – Justin Nagle, Archive and Facilities Coordinator

It starts from visual stimulation and the house itself as an inspiration for my works as well as the acoustic of the house as a sound artist. Aside from visual aspects of the house its educational endeavor of the staff and their openness to share the process of the curating, installing, and research has been a tool to expand my vision about art. – Ava Koohbor, Operations Coordinator

It’s free! and open to conversation. At any moment you’ll see established artists coming in through its doors for tea. I think it’s great the org can invite so many people from different walks of life and you can sit there and talk about the exhibition, the house or what the Mission was like 20 years ago.

– Victor Saucedo, Artist Guide

500 Capp Street is different from other organizations in its spirit of collaboration and care for the artists and staff. David Ireland’s legacy and his care for the arts community are palpable inside the house and in the people who keep it alive and that is reflected and honored in the way 500 Capp Street is run.

– Rebecca Kaufman, Artist Guide

One thing about the exhibitions at 500 Capp Street is I constantly feel they challenge me as an artist. They go beyond responses to a social movement, a piece of history, or a transient sensory stimulation but often challenge how I think about art, human society, and all kinds of man-made structures on a deeper level and original approach.

– Kacy Jung, Artist Guide (Photo by Ebti)