500 Capp Street is getting re-painted using lead free paint.

500 Capp Street Gets A New Look!

500 Capp Street is getting an updated look using lead free paint. The first step of priming the house is complete, and we look forward to working with our team to restore it to its original color.

During this conservation effort, 500 Capp Street will be closed to the public. We appreciate your patience and support during this time, and we look forward to welcoming you when we re-open.


BONES – 20th Street Corridor Crawl

500 Capp Street Foundation and friends are hosting a night of art, music, food, and drink, in the secret (and not so secret) places of the Mission’s 20th Street Corridor. A special sensory experience in the home of David Ireland will be offered (Limited tickets for this portion of the event are available by clicking here)

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