Making and Maintaining Space

Sam Claude Carmel
Wednesday, February 24, 5pm PST

Sam Claude Carmel invokes the history of San Francisco’s conceptual art locales and the emerging possibilities for arts venues in the city. They will highlight Ireland’s concept of Maintenance Action and draw parallels to the labor of past art spaces—New Langton Arts (1975-2009) and the Museum of Conceptual Art (1970-1984) that served as the blueprints to the next generation of community arts spaces in San Francisco. Carmel will also examine the community building that made these past organizations successful, and expand on new strategies for the longevity and adaptability of San Francisco’s emerging arts spaces.

This spring, The David Ireland House at 500 Capp Street expands on the Bay Area Conceptual Art movement with Opening The Cabinet, a cross-disciplinary lecture series self-organized by our Artist Guides.

Sam Claude Carmel (They/Them) is a video installation and sculpture based artist residing in San Francisco, CA. Carmel graduated in 2019 with honors and a BFA in Queer Artist Studies from Mills College. Carmel works as an assistant video archivist and writer at TEXAS TOMBOY BRAND PROD and as an Artist Guide at The David Ireland House.

Image credit: David Ireland and Tom Marioni, The Restoration of a Portion of the Back Wall, Ceiling, and Floor of the Main Gallery of the Museum of Conceptual Art (1976).