Public Education with Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club

After partnering with artist and educator Amy Berk of City Studio for our inaugural public education program in the Spring of 2021 for youth ages 14 through 18 we continued this in the Summer of 2021. Berk and the Artist Guides at The David Ireland House partnered with the Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club to create a summer course. This course focused on conceptual art through the work and legacy of David Ireland, 500 Capp Street, and the exhibition Sittings by resident artist David Wilson. The students, aged 11 to 14, worked within Ireland’s themes and concepts through illustration, performance, and sculpture to gain further insight and understanding of the core notions of conceptualism in conjunction with David Ireland’s biography and artistic practice as well as artist David Wilson’s Sittings. Artist Guides Bells Howard, Will Moncayo, and Laura Pacchini along with Amy Berk lead workshops based on specific themes that arose in the works of both Ireland and Wilson’s practices to engage students and expand the possibilities of art in their everyday lives and environments.