Opening The Cabinet

A Spring Lecture Series with The David Ireland House Artist Guides

I put the cabinet there to protect the painting, but in that act of doing that, it became sculpture…This is one way to do it. I’ve done several cabinets, and they’re for protection or for isolation. Isolation is an important issue as well…Isolation means we’re offering something some protection.

-David Ireland

This spring, The David Ireland House at 500 Capp Street expands on the Bay Area Conceptual Art movement with Opening The Cabinet, a cross-disciplinary lecture series self-organized by our Artist Guides, featuring Sam Claude Carmel, Bells Howard, William Moncayo, and Justin R. Nagle.

The Artist Guides are practicing artists, art students, and recent graduates whose diverse practices engage and give voice to the House and Ireland’s work. One of their main roles is providing visitors with a meaningful tour experience and connecting it to today’s art landscape. Expanding on the performative gestures of their roles, the Artist Guides have developed a multiform program for continued engagement with the public during the pandemic centered on the online publication The Cabinet. This spring, a lecture series titled Opening the Cabinet continues that conversation with a series of cross-disciplinary performance lectures, talks, and readings.

For this first series, the Artist Guides draw inspiration from Ireland’s conceptual threads of isolation, protection, and wonder.

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